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The mechanical telegraph in France

2 We have often referred to the communications systems described as 'telegraphs' but the actual baptism took place only in April 1793 when Miot de Melito, a classical scholar in the Ministry of War, coined the term from the Greek words tele (far) and grafein (to write). Claude Chappe's original term was tachygraph meaning speed-writer.

Visualizing the Structure of Hypermedia Systems

However, the phenomenon of systems being constructed using a multiplicity of components is not unique to Web-based hypermedia. In conventional systems design, tiered architectures that separate data, logic and interface layers are commonly used to assist seamless integration. One such approach is the Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework, which has also been found beneficial in Web-based hypermedia design (Izquierdo, Juan, Lopez, Devis, Cueva & Acebal, 2003). Nor is the difficulty of designing non-linear navigation mechanisms unique to hypermedia. Within traditional printed media, certain types of material are intentionally designed to be used in a random-access non-linear manner, such as encyclopediae, thesauruses and reference works. According to Whitley (1998), hypermedia systems are different from other types of software applications because the developers have to set up a number of alternatives for readers to explore rather than a single stream of text (p. 70). This may be a new...

What Should You Watch

You can improve the disk space problem by keeping verbose logs offline, on some form of removable media (for instance, tapes, writable CDs, or writable DVDs). Tapes are cheap and hold a lot of data, but they have some drawbacks. They're not particularly fast under the best circumstances, and log entries are generally too short to achieve maximum performance. They're also annoying to read data from. If you're interested in using them, write summary logs to disk and write everything to tape. If you find a situation where you need more data, you can go back to the tape for it. A tape drive can probably keep up with the packets on an average Internet connection, but it won't keep up with an internal connection at full LAN speeds or even with a T-1 connection to the Internet that's at close to its maximum performance. CD and DVD writers are even slower, but they're much easier to read data from. If you have large amounts of disk space to use as temporary storage, they may be an effective...

B7 A closer look at OLAP

The document goes on to state that the commercial DBMS products do have limitations with respect to providing adequate functionality to support the different views on data. Further, simple front-end query and report writers and spreadsheets are extremely limited in the ways in which data that has been retrieved from the RDBMS can be aggregated, summarized, consolidated, viewed, and analyzed. The authors go so far as to say, Most notably lacking has been the ability to consolidate, view, and analyze data according to multiple dimensions in the way that make sense to one or more specific enterprise analysts at any given point in time.

Starting Communication between the PC and the Card

The BTINITSTACK ioctl tells the Bluetooth driver to initialize itself and begin talking to the Bluetooth hardware. It will query the hardware for things like buffer sizes and numbers, read the local BD_ADDR, and so forth.As an application writer, you don't really need to worry about the details.There is one thing you

Satellites as a Bent Pipe

Communications satellites receive and retransmit signals much like very tall radio towers. In 1945, science writer Arthur C. Clark predicted that three strategically located space stations could provide service to most of the world.1 Mr. Clark speculated that there existed a particular orbital location where satellites would appear stationary, relative to the earth, thereby presenting a fixed, geostationary location for sending and receiving signals. If the satellite hovered over a particular point on earth, then signals could travel up to the known location occupied by a stationary receiver transmitter and then downward to earth. The satellite could operate as a bent pipe receiving signals and bending them back to earth much like what portions of the ionosphere do to propagate skywave radio signals over long distances.

Satellite communications

Microwave links can span continents but cannot offer communications across the oceans. In principle, it would have been possible to lay a microwave waveguide under the ocean, but it did not even become a practical proposition on land, let alone under the sea. Was there a third microwave alternative Yes. It was proposed in 1945, not by an expert in telecommunication techniques but by a renowned writer of science fiction, Arthur C. Clarke. This is hardly surprising considering that satellite communications are closely related to the idea of space travel, of which all boys (and some girls) knew who read Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. But Clarke was more than a science fiction writer. He was perfectly aware of all the principles involved. His paper, published in Wireless World, outlined all the main feature of communicating via manned satellites. The title of the paper was 'Extraterrestrial Relays'. As Clarke wrote later 'the paper met with monumental indifference'. He did his best though...

The communications revolution

A third advance was due to the development of rocket technology and to the imagination of Arthur C. Clarke, the science fiction writer. He envisaged a number of geostationary satellites (i.e. satellites which orbit at the same speed as the Earth rotates hence appearing stationary to an earthling) which relay information from one end of the Earth to the other.

Preventing Malware

Additionally, many recent significant outbreaks of virus stem from Operating System (OS) vulnerabilities. From the perspective ofthe security community, many widespread security problems arguably might stem from bad interaction between humans and systems (Smith, 2003). Vulnerabilities can exist in large and complex software systems as well as human carelessness and sabotage. At least with today's software methods, techniques, and tools, it seems to be impossible to completely eliminate all flaws (Lindskog, 2000). Virus writers have demonstrated a growing tendency to exploit system vulnerabilities to propagate their malicious code (Trend-Micro, 2003). Operating systems consist of various and complex yet vulnerable software components that play a crucial role in the achievement of overall system security, since many protection mechanisms and facilities, such as authentication and access control, are provided by the operating system. Vulnerabilities and methods for closing them vary...

Regular language

You will not get people to comply unless they understand the document and want to comply with it, and that means they have to at least be willing to read it. If they shut their brains off in paragraph two because the document sounds legal and threatening, you lose. You also lose if they decide that you think they're stupid, or if they decide that you don't care. Don't get so informal that you seem condescending or sloppy. If necessary, get a technical writer to clean up the grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


Students should complete peer reviews for student-to-student feedback. This provides the reviewer the opportunity to focus on others' interpretations and the original writer to receive multiple perspectives. Provide guidelines and the rubric to be used for grading. Both the instructor and the students should use track changes in Microsoft Word documents to provide feedback, so everyone can see changes made, comments,

Related Protocols

Sometimes you want to use a network to run programs on a computer other than the one you're sitting in front of. You might want to run a program on a much faster computer, a computer with a hardware device you don't have (a CD writer, say), or a computer that runs an operating system you don't like enough to have on your desk but that has some important piece of software. You might also need to administer computers that it's inconvenient or impossible to get to physically.

Denial of service

In late 1994, writers Josh Quittner and Michelle Slatalla were the target of an electronic mail bomb . Apparently in retaliation for an article on the cracker community they'd published in Wired magazine, someone broke into IBM, Sprint, and the writers' network provider, and modified programs so their email and telephone service was disrupted. A flood of email messages so overwhelmed their network service that other messages couldn't get through eventually, their Internet connection was shut down entirely. Their phone service also fell victim to the intruders, who reprogrammed the service so that callers were routed to an out-of-state number where they heard an obscene recording.

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