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Data Communications Layer2 Protocols

One end of an electrical communications channel to another. A protocol is equivalent to a language. If we speak English, when we answer the phone, we say Hello. If we can't hear someone, we say, I didn't hear you, please repeat the message. These are handshake messages used in protocols to coordinate the transfer of data across a communications channel.

Lessons in the US Experience for Other Countries

Winston Churchill once observed that the English-speaking peoples chose democracy, not because it is the best form of government, but because the alternatives that came before were even worse. Other countries can derive inspiration from the U.S. system of telecommunications regulation in the same spirit. Those who follow can seek to emulate its successes without replicating its mistakes, while adapting the principles involved to their own unique situations.

The communications revolution

Simultaneously around the middle of the 1980s in the two English-speaking countries, the US and the UK, by the divestiture of the Bell System in the former and by the privatization of British Telecom in the latter. All the world has been following that initiative ever since. The latest blow to state ownership was a directive of the European Union in 1997 instructing all the member countries to start dismantling their monopolies from January 1998.1

Telephone User Part TUP

Moving from right to left in Figure 14.11, after H1 we have the call party subfield consisting of 6 bits. It identifies the language of the operator (Spanish, English, Russian, etc.). For example, an English-speaking operator is coded 000010. It also differentiates the calling subscriber from one with priority, a data call, or a test call. A data call is coded 001100 and a test call is coded 001101. Fifty of the 64 possible code groups are spare.


Since telecommunication terms originated rather independently in different countries, technical literature in English still uses different terms for the same concepts, depending on whether the authors are from the United States, from the United Kingdom, or from other English-speaking countries, or documents are translations from other languages. Some frequently used synonyms are listed below

NetBIOS Names

If you actually look at packet traces, particularly if you are using a packet trace system that is not aware of NetBT, you may see NetBIOS names in mangled form. NetBT is based on DNS packet formats. DNS names are longer than NetBIOS names but can't contain the arbitrary hexadecimal values NetBIOS uses for type indicators. In order to make NetBIOS names fit into DNS name fields, NetBT applies a system that converts each byte of the NetBIOS name into two uppercase ASCII characters, which results in eye-catching, if incomprehensible, name strings. They are made even more noticeable by the fact that the mangling algorithm converts spaces, which are used for padding, into CA , so that almost every name ends in CACA . Many English speakers (including presumably the engineer who designed the algorithm) attach no special meaning to this string, but the repeating pattern is still very striking. For details of the name-mangling algorithm, see RFC 1001. If you are on a Microsoft machine, most...


Moving from right to left in Figure 17.16, after H1 we have the calling party subfield consisting of 6 bits. It identifies the language of the operator (Spanish, English, Russian, etc.). An English-speaking operator is coded 000010. It also differentiates the calling subscriber from one with priority, a data call, or a test call. A data call is coded 001100 and a test call is coded 001101. Fifty of the 64 possible code groups are spare.

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