Signaling Performance Message Transfer Part 1491 Basic Performance Parameters

ITU-T Rec. Q.706 (Ref. 10) breaks down SS No. 7 performance into three parameter groups:

1. Message delay

2. Signaling traffic load

3. Error rate

3OPC and DPC are discussed in Section 14.7.

Consider the following parameters and values:

Availability The unavailability of a signaling route set should not exceed 10 min per year.

Undetected Errors Not more than 1 in 1010 of all signal unit errors will go undetected in the message transfer part. Lost Messages Not more than 1 in 107 messages will be lost due to failure of the message transfer part.

Messages Out of Sequence Not more than 1 in 1010 messages will be delivered out of sequence to the user part due to failure in the message transfer part. This includes message duplication.

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