Points of Presence

A point of presence (POP) is a location within a LATA that has been designated by an access customer for the connection of its facilities with those of a LEC. Typically, a POP is a location that houses an access customer's switching system or facility node. Consider an "access customer" as an interexchange carrier, such as Sprint or AT&T.

At each POP, the access customer is required to designate a physical point of termination (POT) consistent with technical and operational characteristics specified by the LEC. The POT provides a clear demarcation between the LEC's exchange access functions and the access customer's interexchange functions. The POT generally is a distribution frame or other item of equipment (a cross-connect) at which the LEC's access facilities terminate and where cross-connection, testing, and service verification can occur. A later federal court judgment (1992) required a LEC to provide space for equipment for CAPs (competitive access providers).

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