Token Bus Networking Ieee 8024

The Token bus system operates on a bus topology and is considered to be suitable for industry applications in which factory automation and process control are desired. It uses token passing for accessing the network. A token is a short message that specifies the station currently using the network and the next station that access after the current station finish its work.

The token is passed from station to station in descending order and it is not necessary for all the stations on the bus to be active at all times. The procedure for transmit a data by a computer is as follows.

1. The computer has to wait for the token. Once it possess the token, it can add its traffic to the data stream. It then includes the successors address and passes the token.

2. After passing the token, the sending computer monitors, whether the successor receives the token or not. If the successor had data, it sends in data stream and passes to the next successor. If it does not have any data to communicate, it simply modify the successor station address.

3. Similarly the token passes to each station and reaches the original station which sends message. The computer checks whether the data reached or not. Then if it has any data, it transfers to the destination, otherwise the token is passed to the successor address.

4. As the destinated system may not be active, the information sent to this computer may be kept in queue. After three continuous attempt, the source station removes the message meant for destination.

This technology has not been widely used because of its delayed property.

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