Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) was developed not only to create LANs, but also for internetworking multiple LAN's. Data sharing and broadcasting are prominent features of LAN technology. An organization may create different LANs with different protocols. These networks are connected together by an internal gateway, in turn, connected to the external gateway of the internet. TCP/IP protocol is used to communicate among nodes. Today these protocols are the primary building blocks for the Internet. In 1974 TCP/IP was introduced by Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA).

TCP/IP provides three sets of services. They are :

1. Connectionless service. This service is described as an unreliable (delivery is not guaranteed), packet delivery service. A packet may be lost, duplicated, delayed or delivered out of order, but the service will not detect such conditions. Here each packet is considered independently.

2. Reliable transport services. Work with any environment.

3. Application services. Interfaces to most services on other architectures.

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