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1. Explain the concept of multiplexing using a simple diagram.

2. Explain and distinguish the synchronous TDM and asynchronous TDM.

3. With neat diagram, explain the concept of WDM.

4. With neat diagram, explain the concept of DWDM.

5. List the features of DWDM.

6. What is wavelength routing ?

7. What are the limitations and its remedial of DWDM system.

8. Compare XDSL technology with the existing system.

9. List and briefly explain various types of XDSL.

10. State the principle of operation of XDSL.

11. Write short notes on the following modulation techniques. (a) CAP (b) DMT.

12. Explain ADSL and its frequency spectrum.

13. Give brief explanation on ADSL topology system.

14. With neat diagram, explain the ADSL frame format.

15. List the advantages of ADSL technology.

16. What are the important freatures of SONET.

17. With neat diagram, explain the SONET components.

18. Explain the SONET network and its layers with neat diagrams.

19. Explain the STS-1 SONET frame format. Based on this prinicple ; draw the STS-3 SONET frame

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