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1. List the basic steps to process a cat!.

2. What, is state transition diagram ?

3. Draw the basic symbols of s.t.d.

4. Draw and explain the s.t.d. flow chart for a typical local call.

5. What is meant by hardware configuration ?

6. Explain with neat diagram, the various levels of general hardware configuration.

7. What is the need for software in switching ?

8. How the software systems are classified ?

9. Explain the hardware and software architecture of No. 1 ESS.

10. In what way the No. 5 ESS is superior than No. I ESS ?

11. Explain the various modules of No. 5 ESS hardware architecture with neat diagrams.

12. List the popular digital switching systems.

13. List the popular versions of DMS family,

14. Explain DMS-100 switching system with necessary hardware and software architecture.

15. What are the features of EWSD system ?

16. List the digital switching systems which are popular in India.

17. Draw and explain the hardware architecture of EWSD system.

18. List the organizations involved in Lelecommumention related activities.

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