Where P1 is input power (Normally) and P2 is output power.

The decibel is also used to be defined as the unit of attenuation. One decibel attenuation means that a signal has dropped to 0.794 of its original power. One decibel gain means that a signal has increased to 1.259 of its original power. The decibel concept is further discussed in later chapter.

Voltage and current level can be quoted in decibel as follows

Similarly in voltage ratio,

I2 V2

Example 1.1. If input power is 16 |W and output power is 30 mW, find the power ratio and express it in decibel and nepers.

P2 30 x 10-3 Power = = in-6 = 1875 = 1.875 x 103 P1 16 x 10

Power in decibel, G = 10 log10 1.875 x 103 = 32.73 dB Power in nepers, G = 3.76 N.

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