Fig. 5.22. Time space (TS) switching.

The transmission of signals carried out from sender to receiver through multiplexer input and demultiplexer output. The reverse communication also similar. Thus a hybrid arrangement is needed to isolate the transmitted signal from the received signal. The basic function of the time switch is to delay information in arriving time slots until the desired output time slot occurs.

Let the communication is to take place between subscriber A and B. Let A is assigned time slot 2 and line 7 and subscriber B is assigned time slot 16 and line 11. Then the signal moved from time slot 2 to time slot 16 by the time-slot exchanger and is transfered from line 7 to line 11 in the space array. Similarly, the signal originated by B is moved from slot 16 to slot 2 through line 11 to 8.

The cyclic control and gate select memory contains the information needed to specify the space stage configuration for each individual time slot of a frame. The time stage have to provide decays ranging from one time slot to a full frame. During each outgoing time slot, control information is accessed that specifies interstage link number to output link. During other time slots, the space switch is completely reconfigured to support other connections.

Let each time slot interchanger have T slots. If the space array is a N x N, then the simultaneous connections possible is NT. If T = 128 and N = 16, 2048 connections can be supported. This structure is not free of blocking. The control store is a parallel end around shift resister. If space array is at the inlet side and time switch is at the output side, the structure is refered as space time (ST) switching. Both TS and ST arrangements are equally effective.

TS system is used in DMS 100 digital switching system developed in canada (1979). It handles 61000 trunks and accomodates 39000 trunks.

Blocking probability :

The blocking probability of TS switching is calculated as follows.

The probability that a subscriber A is active = -p ...(5.28)

where p = fraction of time that a particular link is busy measured in Erlangs T = number of time slots in a frame.

The probability that any other subscriber is active on the same link

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