arrays a inputs and n output in each array

Fig. 5.11. Three stage switching structure.

The structure shown in Fig. 5.11 provides path for N inlets and N outlets. The N input lines are divided into N/n groups of n lines each. Each group of n inputs is accomodated by an n-input, k output matrix. The output matrices are identical to the input matrices except they are reversed. The intermediate stages are k in number and N/n inputs and N/n outputs. The interstage connections are often called junctors. Each of the k paths utilizes a separate center stage array. An arbitrary input can find k alternate output. Thus multistage structure provides alternate paths. Also the switching link is connected to a limited number of crosspoints. This enables the minimized capacitive loading.

The total number of crosspoints NX for three stage is

NX = 2NK + K Hn where N = Number of inlets-outlets n = size of each inlet-outlet group k = number of second stage.

2Nk = number of cross points in 1st and 2nd stage

— J = number of cross points in each array of second stage

n number of cross points in second stage.


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