Multiplexing defined as any process of sending of a number of separate signals together, over the same cable or bearer, simultaneously and without interference. Thus many speech channels are transmitted togtether as a single channel occupying the bandwidth of the physical facility. Hence the multiplexing is more economical and efficient. In multiplexing, the signals, which may be voice, video or data, are multiplexed together and the resulting signal is transmitted over a system with a suitably high bandwidth. When it is received, it is split up into the separate signals at which it is composed. This process is called demultiplexing.

In telecommunication, the multiplexing means the use of one telecommunication line to handle several channels of voice or data. The best example of multiplexing is our TV cable. We select a particular channel using remote control from the cable, which carries many channels. The individual channels entering and leaving the terminal station is called baseband channels. A link, which carries multiplex signal, is called broad band channel. The combination of multiplexer and demultiplexer at terminal station is called MUX.

The primary use of multiplexing is to save communication line costs. A common application of multiplexing is long distance communication using high-speed point to point links for transferring large quantities of voice signals and data between users.

There are three methods of transmitting more than one signal over one path. They are space division multiplexing (SDM), frequency division multiplexing (FDM) and time division multiplexing (TDM).

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