1. Describe the evaluation of digital switching.

2. Explain the process of digitization with neat diagram.

3. List the advantages of digital transmission.

4. List the disadvantages of digital transmission.

5. What are the different modes of digital transmission.

6. Explain the Asynchronous transmission with necessary diagrams.

7. List out the disadvantage of Asychronous transmission.

8. What is synchronous transmission ?

9. Explain a three stage switching (general) with neat diagram.

10. What is probability graph ?

11. Describe various blocking probability evaluation techniques.

12. Explain the principle of time division switching.

13. Distinguish analog time division switching and digital time division switching.

14. Write short notes on combinational switching.

15. With neat diagrams explain time switch and space switch.

16. Explain the TS switch with neat diagram.

17. What is internal complexity ?

18. What are the features of TST ?

19. List the practical system which uses TST, STS and TS.

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