1. What are the different forms of signalling ?

2. Distinguish Inchannel signalling and CCS ?

3. What is Inband and Outband Signalling ?

4. List the advantages and disadvantages of Inband Signalling ?

5. Draw the CCS Signalling message formats.

6. What is STP, SSP and SCP

7. Draw a SST network architecture.

8. What are the signalling link types ?

9. Explain with necessary diagrams, each type of the voice frequency (vf) signalling.

10. Explain architecture of T1 link and DS-1 frame format in relation to the PCM signalling.

11. What are the three ways of implementing CCS ? Explain each types of signalling with neat diagrams.

12. List the advantages and disadvantages of CCS.

13. List the purpose and features of SS7.

14. Explain all the signalling link types of SS7 link architecture.

15. Explain with neat diagram the protocol architecture of SS7.

16. Name three types of signallig units used in SS7. With neat diagrams explain each fields associated with the signalling units.

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