Fig. 5.5. Quantization with number of levels 8.

In the fourth step of the digitization process, the quantized samples are encoded into a digital bit stream (series of electrical pulses). In practical system, 256 levels can be used to obtain quality of signal. This results in the output of the encoding as 8 bit number. This binary number (or 8 bit word) is transmitted over the network as a series of electrical or optical pulses.

In the case of 256 (0 to 255) levels, the digital encoder recognizes the 255 different voltage levels of the quantized samples. Converts each into a string of eight bits (1s and 0s). The series of pulses is called a digital bit stream. The PCM process require a 64 kbps channel to encode a 4 kHz audio input signal because 8000 samples/sec x 8 bit/words = 64000 bps.

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