The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) created the 802 committee in 1980. The committee drafts standards for LAN. The subcommittees of802 addresses a specific LAN architectures. They are referred as LAN types or subgrouping. These groups and their responsibilities are listed below.

802.1 : The high level interface standard addresses matters related to network architecture, management and interconnection.

802.1a : Network Management Architecture

802. 1b : Network management protocols

802.1D : Bridging standard

802.1d : Source routing standard

802.1g : Remote bridge standard for WANs

802.1P : Prioritization of MAC layer bridges

802.1Q : Virtual LANs (VLAN)

802.2 : Logical link control (LLC) and media access control (MAC) are two sublayers that are equivalent to OSI data link layer

802.2Í and j : Acknowledged connectionless LLC service

802.3 : Carrier sense multiple access with collision detection (CSMA/CD)

standards cover a variety of architectures that are generally based on Ethernet.

802.3Í : CSMA/CD over twisted pair and fiber obtics

802.3m : Fast Ethernet

802.3x : Gigabit Ethernet flow control

802.3z : Gigabit Ethernet

802.3ab : Gigabit on category 5 UTP cabling

802.4 : The token bus network standard describes how the token bus network operates.

802.5 : Token ring network. 802.5j : Fiber optic token ring

802.6 : The MAN standard describes the operations of networks covering large distances.

802.7 : The broadband Technical Advisory Group provides guidelines to other groups that are involved in establishing broadband LAN standards.

802.8 : The Fiber optic Technical Advisory group provides guidance to other groups that are involved in establishing LAN standards using fiber optic cable.

802.9 : Integrated data and voice networks


: Isochrononous Ethernet (ISONET)

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