Loading coil

Fig. 3.19. Typical load coil spacing.

Almost all loops are loading with 88mH load coils. It results in a cutoff frequency of around 3800 Hz. Hence 88 mH coil loaded loops effectively pass signals above 3800 Hz. The loading coils are represented for example, as 19H88, 19 indicate the gauge size, H indicates the spacing of the coils and 88 indicate the inductance of the coils. For large volumes of data and high frequency transmission, special facilities and/or conditioned (introduction of amplifiers and equalizer) local loop will be leased. Also, it should be regenerated every 1.6 to 4.8 km depending on speed of transmission and volume of data are to transmitted. The quality of reception at the subscriber end is tested by a rating system standardised by CCITT.

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