1. What is meant by telecommunication network?

2. What is the range of voice frequencies ?

3. Define bandwidth.

4. Tabulate bandwidth and bit-rate of various applications.

5. Plot the speech spectrum.

6. Define decibel.

7 What are the elements of telecommunication systems ?

8. List the end systems of instruments of telecommunication systems.

9. List the various methods of transmission systems.

10. What are the various switching techniques in computer communication ?

12. What is known as blocking criteria ?

13. What is meant by delay criteria ?

14. Define congestion.

15. Explain briefly the two types of congestion. Ifi. How the GOS can be expressed ?

17. What is meant by component GOS ?

1«. Define traffic,

19. Define average occupancy.

20. Explain briefly with neat diagrams, the centralized switching and distributed switching

21. Draw the Lypical hierarchical network structure and explain.

22. Compare with neat sketch, the AT T and CCITT hierarchical structure and explain,

23. Define MAN and WAN.

24. Write short notes on la) ISDN (¿1 IN and (c) NPN.

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