Comparison Between Gos And Blocking Probability


There are two possibilities of call blocking. They are (a) Lost system and (b) Waiting system. In lost system, a suitable GOS is a percentage of calls which are lost because no equipment is available at the instant of call request. In waiting system, a GOS objective could be either the percentage of calls which are delayed or the percentage which are delayed more than a certain length of time.

8.2.5. Blocking Probability and Congestion

The value of the blocking probability is one aspect of the telephone company's grade of service. The blocking probability is discussed in section 5.5.2. The basic difference between GOS and blocking probability is that GOS is a measure from subscriber point of view whereas the blocking probability is a measure from the network or switching point of view. Based on the number of rejected calls, GOS is calculated, whereas by observing the busy servers in the switching system, blocking probability will be calculated. The blocking probabilities can be evaluated by using various techniques. Lee graphs and Jacobaeus methods are popular and occurate methods (See section 5.5.2). The blocking probability B is defined as the probability that all the servers in a system are busy.

Congestion theory deals with the probability that the offered traffic load exceeds some value. Thus, during congestion, no new calls can be accepted. There are two ways of specifying congestion. They are time congestion and call congestion. Time congestion is the percentage of time that all servers in a group are busy. The call or demand congestion is the proportion of calls arising that do not find a free server. In general GOS is called call congestion or loss probability and the blocking probability is called time congestion.

If the number of sources is equal to the number of servers, the time congestion is finite, but the call congestion is zero. When the number of sources is large, the probability of a new call arising is independent of the number already in progress and therefore the call congestion is equal to time congestion.

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