1. What is the purpose of traffic engineering ?

2. Define calling rate and holding time.

3. What is traffic pattern ?

4. Write short notes on (a) Erlangs and (b) CCS

5. Define GOS.

6. Explain the two types of congestion.

7. Comment on modelling of traffic.

8. What is Erlang loss system ? Name three models of the loss system.

9. Give the expression of Erlang's-B formula.

10. Compare LCR and LCH system.

11. Draw the queueing model of delay systems.

12. Give the expression of Erlang's-C formula.

13. Comment on combined loss and delay system.

14. Derive an expression for the state probability P(k) using B-D process.

15. Derive an expression to obtain the Erlang's formula for the first kind of loss system.

16. A group of 10 trunks is offered 5E of traffic, find (a) GOS (b) the probability that only one trunk is busy (c) the probability that only one trunk is free and (d) the probability that at least one trunk is free.

17. Derive an expression to obtain the Erlang's second formula of delay system.

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