1. Define Baud.

2. Relate Baud and bit rate.

3. Explain with neat diagram the concept of data communication link.

4. What is the packet switching principle ?

5. Explain with neat diagram the concept of (a) datagram and (b) virtual circuit in packet switching.

6. Write short notes on packet size.

7. Compare the circuit switching and packet switching.

8. Explain all the fields of the packet format.

10. Explain the X-25 interface with neat diagram.

11. List the OSI layer specifications.

12. With neat sketch, explain the OSI network architecture.

13. Explain network support layer of OSI model.

14. Explain support layers of OSI model.

15. What are three sets of services provided by TCP/IP ?

16. Sketch the TCP/IP reference model and explain.

17. Explain the operation of TCP with TCP Header.

18. Explain the IP packet format.

19. What are the protocols related to TCP/IP.

20. Compare the merits and demerits of various network topologies.

21. Draw the Ethernet reference model and explain.

22. What are the Ethernet media ? Explain each media.

23. What are the high speed Ethernets ? Write briefly.

24. Explain the Token passing ring with necessary diagrams.

26. List the advantages of ATM.

27. Explain with neat diagram, the formats of ATM Header structure.

28. Sketch ATM layers and explain.

29. Tabulate the service classification of ATM.

30. Give the concept of VPI and VCI.

31. What are the types of adaptation layer ? Explain each with its frame format.

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