The switching techniques currently under testing are


2. CDOT MAX-XL Version 2-3-1-6

3. OCB-283 Version R25

4. ALCATEL 1000 E 10 MM

Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) is an 'S & T' (standards and testing) institution of Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications and information technology. Govt. of India. The primary responsibilities of TEC are :

(i) Setting standards and specifications for Telecom equipment and services.

(if) Conducting field trials for new equipment and services.

(Hi) Studying new technology and services and give technical advice to DOT for their introduction in the network,

(iv) Technical and Advisory support for DOT.

The switching division of TEC is responsible for all activities related to the switching products either working in the BSNL/MTNL network. The TEC switching division supports.

1. Preparation of specifications of state of the art digital switching systems.

2. Validation of switching systems to be inducted in the network.

3. Interface requirements of switches of private operators networks.

4. Testing of hardware and software upgrades of various switching systems.

5. Field support to switching systems in the BSNL./MTNL network.

6. Technical support to DOT.

For various digital switchings used in India, the readers are advised to refer the related websites.

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