where K = The minimum number of centre stage TSM to provide desired grade of service, calculated from

C = number of channel.

TST Switching. In TST switching the space stage is sandwiched between two time stage switches. Of all the multistage switching, TST is a popular one. Popular digital switching systems using TST are tabulated in table 5.2.

Some important features of TST switches are :

(i) Low blocking probability. An incoming channel time slot may be connected to an outgoing channel time slot using any possible space array time slot. Thus there are many alternative paths between two subscribers. This concept reduces the blocking probability of a three stage combination switch.

(ii) Stage independancy. The space stage operates in a time-divided fashion, independently of the external TDM links. The number of space stage time slots L does not coincide with the number of external TDM time slots T.

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