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Fig. 8.10. Queueing model.

Fig. 8.10. Queueing model.

The basic purpose of the investigation of delay system is to determine the probability distribution of waiting times. From this, the average waiting time W as random variable can be easily determined. The waiting times are dependent on the following factors :

1. Number of sources

2. Number of servers

3. Intensity and probabilistic nature of the offered traffic

4. Distribution of service times

5. Service discipline of the queue.

In a delay system, there may be a finite number of sources in a physical sense but an infinite number of sources in an operational sense because each source may have an arbitrary number of requests outstanding. If the offered traffic intensity is less than the servers, no statistical limit exists on the arrival of calls in a short period of time. In practice, only finite queue can be realised. There are two service time distributions. They are constant service times and exponential service times. With constant service times, the service time is deterministic and with exponential, it is random. The service discipline of the que involves two important factors.

1. Waiting calls are selected on of first-come, first served (FCFS) or first-in-first-out (FIFO) service.

2. The second aspect of the service discipline is the length of the queue. Under heavy loads, blocking occurs. The blocking probability or delay probability in the system is based on the queue size in comparison with number of effective sources.

We can model the Erlang delay system by the birth and death process with the following birth and death rates respectively.

Under equilibrium conditions, the state probability distribution P(k) can be obtained by substituting these birth rates into the following equation (8.46).

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