Fig. 8.7. Output channel utilization of LCC system.

In designing a telephone system, it is necessary to ensure that the system will operate satisfactorily under the moderate overload condition.

Example 8.6. Consider a trunk group with an offered load 4.5 erlangs and a blocking probability of 0.01. If the offered traffic increased to 13 erlangs, to keep same blocking probability, find the number of trunks needed. Also calculate the trunk occupancies.

From the Fig. 8.6 or from the Appendix B,

For the increase in load of 13 erlangs, from the figure 8.6 No. of trunks required = 21 for same B = 0.01 required Hence B(10, 4.5) = B(20, 13) = 0.01 The trunk occupancies calculated as

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