Fundamentals For The Design Of Telecommunication Network

A telephone network is composed of a variety of all processing equipments, interstate switching links and inters office trunks. Because of the random nature of the call request, the design of equipments switching links and trunks are quite difficult. Thus, the traffic analysis is the fundamental request for the design of cost effective, efficient and effective configuration of networks. The effectiveness of a network can be evaluated intermes of how much traffic it carries under normal or average loads and how often the traffic volume exceeds the capacity of the network.

Fundamental problem in the design of telecommunication networks concerns the dimensioning of a route. To dimension the route, volume of traffic required grade of service and capacity (in bits per sec) must be known.

Traffic. In telecommunication system, traffic is defined as the occupancy of the server in the network. There are two types of traffic viz. voice traffic and data traffic. For voice traffic, the calling rate is defined as the number of calls per traffic path during the busy hour. In a day, the 60 minutes interval in which the traffic is highest is called busy hour (BH).

Average occupancy. If the average number of calls to and from a terminal during a period T second is n and the average holding time is 'h' seconds, the average occupancy of the terminal is given by

The average occupancy is also referred as traffic flow of traffic intensity. The international unit of telephone traffic is the Erlang.

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