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Fig. 10.12. ADSL frame format.

ADSL Capabilities. ADSL will play a crucial role over the next ten or more years. Thus the service providers shall enter new markets for delivering information in video and multimedia formats. By bringing movies, television, video catalogs, remote CD-ROMs, Corporate LANs, and the internet into homes and small businesses, ADSL will make these markets viable, and profitable for telephone companies. ADSL modems available with various speed ranges and capabilities.

Downstream data rates depends on a number of factors, including the length of the copper line, its wire gauge, presence of bridged taps (accidental connection of another local loop to the primary local loop. It behaves as an open circuit at DC, but becomes a transmission line stub with adverse effects at high frequency) and cross coupled interference. Line attenuation increases with line length and frequency, and decreases as wire diameter increases. Ignoring bridge gaps, ADSL will perform as shown in table 10.3.

Table 10.3. ADSL specifications

Data rate

Wire Gauge


Wire Size







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