Fig. 4.11. Diagonal crosspoint matrix.

The diagonal crosspoint matrix is fully connected. When subscriber c initiates a call, his horizontal bar is energised first and then the appropriate bar. The diagonal crosspoint mattrix is nonblocking configuration. The difficulty is that the failure of a single switch will make some subscribers inaccessible.

Blocking Configurations. By blocking configuration the crosspoint switches required can be reduced significantly. Fig. 4.12. shows the two stage matrices.

Fig. 4.12. shows that there are now four paths between input and output in Fig. 4.12 (a) and four paths between any of the stations in Fig. 4.12 (b). For the rectangular matrices with N inputs and N outputs, the number of switches is now 2N2 compared to N2 for the single stage. Here, the random failure of a limited number of switches will not preclude connections.

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