NCT links to TMS

Processing units

Fig. 6.10. Switching module.

Processing units. It contains three parts namely switch module processor unit (SMPU), Time slot interchange Unit (TSIU) and digital Service Unit (DSU).

(i) SMPU. It contain microprocessors which perform many of the call processing functions for trunks and links terminated on the SM.

(ii) TSIU. The function of the TSIU is to provide time division switching within each SM. The NCT linkage between the SM and CM is time slotted by the TSIU via the TMS. It is of 512 time slot capacity. It switches time slots from interface units to one of the NCT links (for intermodule calls). It switches time slots from one interface unit to another within the SM (for intramodule calls).

(iii) Digital Service Unit (DSU). Local DSU provides high usage service circuits such as tone decoders and generators for lines and trunks terminated on the SM. Global DSU provides low usage service circuits such as 3-port conference circuits and the transmission test facility, for all lines and trunks in the office.

Software Architecture. The 5 ESS is a UNIX based switch. The operating system provides process management, interprocess communication, timing services and task scheduling. The operating system supports the AM processors and SM processors. Most of the software that performs administrative functions at system level, some frequently required features related software, TMS software are resides in AM. The SM contains all programs necessary for the control of switching periphery. SM also keeps the software related to the status information of lines, trunks and terminals associated with other subsystems.

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