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Fig. 5.19. General block diagram of combined switching.

The main task of the switching part is to interconnect an incoming time slot and an outgoing time slot. The unit responsible for this function is group switch. There are two types of building block in the digital group switch. They are time switch and space switch.

In Fig. 5.19, the subscriber makes a local call to B. The control unit has assigned time slot 3 to the call on its way into the group switch, and time slot 1 on its way out of the group switch (to B). This is maintained during the entire call. Similarly B to A also carried out. The fundamental design and structure of the two switches viz. time switch and space switch are described in the following sections.

5.7.1. Space and Time Switches

Space switch. Fig. 5.20 shows a typical space switch. It uses a space array to provide switching generally the space switch consists of a matrix of M x N switching points where M is number of inlets and N is number of outlets. A connection between an inlet and an outlet is made by the simple logic gates (AND gates). As logic gates are unidirectional, two paths through switching matrix must be established to accomodate a two way conversation. The logic gate array can serve for concentration, expansion or distribution depending on M is larger, smaller or equal to N. Fig. 5.20 shows only one voice direction. However, the corresponding components are available for the opposite direction too.

A number of M, of X slot multiplexers, provide the inputs and the outlets are connected to N, X slot demultiplexers. The gate select memory has X locations. The word containing information about which cross point is to be enabled is decoded by the translator. During each internal time slot, one cross point is activated. In the shift to the next interval time slot, the control memory is incremented by one step, and a new crosspoint pattern is formed in the matrix.

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