Advantages of ATM

The most important advantages or benefits of the ATM are:

1. A much wider array of information can be transmitted using ATM technology, for example, voice, data, images, CATV scans, MRI images and video conferencing.

2. ATM delivers bandwidth on demand, is not dependent on applications and works at a data rate from 1.5 Mbps to 2 Gbps.

3. All types of networking, from LANs to WANs and from backbone to desktop can be integrated by ATM technology.

4. The service is connection oriented, with data transferred over a virtual circuit.

5. ATM switches are statistical multiplexing.

6. Higher quality of service.

7. Wider array of information can be handled.

8. Accepts variety of transmission media such as optical fiber or twisted pair cable.

9. Works with current LAN and WAN technologies and supports current protocols such as TCP/IP.

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