AAL — ATM Adaptation layer

ARP — Address resolution protocol

ARPA — Advanced Research Project Agency

ASN — Abstract Syntax Notation

ATM — Asynchronous Transfer Mode

CASE — Common application service element

CRC — Cyclic redundancy check

CSMA/CD — Carrier sense multiple access with collision detection

DARPA — Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency

DCE — Data Communication Equipment

DIX — Digital, Intel and Xerox

DNS — Domain Name System

DTE — Data terminal equipment

ETA — Electrical Industry Association

FCC — Federal communication commission

FCS — Frame check sequence

FTAM — File transfer access and management

FTP — File Transfer Protocol

GFI — General format identifier

HDLC — High level data link control

HTTP — Hypertext Transfer Protocol

ICMP — Internet Control Message Protocol

IP — Internet protocol

ISO — Organization for standards

LAN — Local area network

LAPB — Link Access Procedure Balanced

LCN — Logical channel number

LCU — Line control unit

LGN — Logical channel group number

LLC — Logical link control

LLC — Logical link control

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