ADM — Add drop multiplexer

ADSL — Asymmetric digital subscriber line

A1S — Alarm indication signal

ATU-Ç — ADSL Termina] unit-central office

AfS — Automatic protection switching

ATU-R — ADSL Terminal unit-Remote office

CAP — Carrier amplitude and phase modulation

CiDSL — Consumer installable DSL

DCC — Data communication channel

DCS — Digital cross connect

DMT — Discrete multitone modulation

DS — Digital stream (signal)

DSL — Digital subscriber line

DWDM — Dense wavelength division multiplexing

DXC — Digital cross connect

EDFA — Erbium doped fiber amplifier

ETSI — European telecommunication standards institute

FCS — Frame check sequence

FDM — Frequency division multiplexing

FOTS — Fiber optic transmission system

HDSL — High bit rate digital subscriber line

IETF — Internet engineering task force

MDSL — Multirate DSL

OAM & P — Operation, Administrations, Maintenance and provisioning

OC-1 — Optical carrier level-1

OPTIS — Overlapped phase trellis-code interlocked spectrum

OWAD — Optical wavelength add/drop

OXC — Optical cross connect

PDH — Plesiochronous digital hierarchy

PPL — Passive photonic loop

PPP — Point to point protocol

QAM — Quadrature amplitude modulation

RADSL — Rate adaptive DSL

RDI — Remote deflect indication

SDH — Synchronous digital hierarchy

SDM — Space division multiplexing

SDSL — Symmetric digital subscriber line

SOH — Section over head

SONET — Synchronous optical network

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