ACM — Address Complete Message

AIN — Advanced Intelligent Nework

ANM — Answer Message

BIB — Backward Indicator Bit

BPF — Band Pass Filter

BSN — Backward Sequence Number

CCS — Common Channel Signalling

CRC — Cyclic Redundancy Check

DPC — Destination Point Code

DTMF — Dual Tone MultifTequency

E and M — Earth and Mouth fdn — frequency division multiplex

FIB — Forward Indicator Bit

FISU — Fill in Signal Unit

FSN — Forward Sequence Number

GTT — Global Title Translation

IAM — Initial Address Message

LI — Length Indicator

LSSU — Link Status Signal Unit

Mf — Multi frequency

MSU — Message Signal Unit

MTP — Message Transfer Point

NSP — Network Service Point

OMAP — Operations, Maintenance and Administration Part

OPC — Originating Point Code

OSI — Open System Interconnect

PCM — Pulse Code Modulation

PPS — Pulses Per Second

REL — Release Message

RLC — Release Complete Message

SCCP — Signalling Connection Control Part

SCP — Signal Control Points

SH — Signalling Header

SI — Signalling Information

SIF — Signalling Information Field

SIO — Service Information Octet

SLS — Signalling Link Selection

SS7 — Signalling System 7

SSP — Signalling Switching Pionts

STP — Signal Transfer Point

SU — Signalling Units

TCAP — Trasaction Capabilities Applications Part

TUP — Telephone User Part

Vf — Voice frequency

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