AGC — Automatic Gain Control

ASK — Amplitude Shift Keying

AWG — American Wire Gauge

CPE — Customer Premise Equipment

DC — Distribution Cable

DCE — Data Circuit terminating Equipment

DP — Distribution Point

DSL — Digital Subscriber Line

DSO — Digital Signal, Level Zero

DTMF — Dual Tone Multiple Frequency

ELFEXT — Equal Level FEXT

FDM — Frequency Division Multiplexing

FEXT — Far End Cross Talk

FSK — Frequency Shift Keying

LSSGR — Local Switching System Generic Requirements

MDF — Main Distribution Frame

MODEM — Modulator/Demodulator

NEXT — Near End Cross Talk

PAM — Pulse Amplitude Modulation

PCM — Pulse Code Modulation

PPM — Pulse Position Modulation

PSK — Phase Shift Keying

QAM — Quadrature Amplitude Modulation

SDM — Space Division Multiplexing

TDM — Time Division Multiplexing

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