Feature Code Dialing Trigger

The feature code dialing (FCD) trigger can be assigned to analog and digital subscriber lines, and to private trunk groups. This enables them to invoke an AIN service, by dialing a FCD feature code.

In addition, one of the following criteria, which depend on the particular FCD code, has to be met.

• no digits follow the FCD code

• the digits following the FCD code represent a valid NANP number

• the digits following the FCD code represent a number of another type, say an authorization code, or a personal identification number (PIN).

The FCD codes are considered as belonging to the "public" dialing plan. On calls originated by a line or private facility trunk using a customized dialing plan, SSP considers the received digits as CDP numbers, and does not recognize FCD codes. However, a calling CDP customer can "escape" to the public numbering plan, by dialing an access code in his numbering plan—say *9.

The caller then receives a second dial-tone, and SSP interprets the subsequent received digits as belonging to the public dialing plan. This enables the CDP customer to invoke the AIN services in the manner described above, provided that an FCD trigger has been assigned the line or trunk.

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