Ain Services

Compared with conventional "switch-based" services, the SCP-based AIN services can be designed with much more flexibility.

In the first place, the service creation environment (SCE) systems usually allow the telecom to define services that take into account the calling line— which is identified by UserlD (Par.l), CallingPartylD (Par.7), or ChargeNumber (Par.8) in all messages of the request instructions family—and the time-of-day and day-of-week that the call is made.

Caller-interaction also increases the flexibility of services. In the first place, services can be designed such that the calling party can select a particular option from a service menu. Moreover, a service can be made available to "authorized" callers only, by requiring the caller to enter a telecom-provided authorization code, which is checked by SCP.

This section outlines a number of services that can be implemented with the triggers, messages, and parameters that have been discussed in this chapter [20]. The examples have been chosen as illustrations for the uses of the various trigger types and messages, and regardless of their availability in U.S. networks. They are grouped into a number of categories (call management, number translation, etc.).

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