Wireline and Mobile Networks

In the PSTN the voice band transmission possible in the frequency band 3003400 Hz by the traditional technologies. The digital transmission and switching are spreading however users need access through cheap analogue sets. The analogue line interfaces and sets limit very often the capabilities of networks. The digital technologies like ISDN support functional developments as well. The integrated service means, that the whole system generally supports bearer and teleservices.

The PSTN/ISDN networks have both analogue and digital access parts but the switching part, transmission network part and the signalling systems are common. The interconnected global networks have different level of technology and different level of capabilities in the subnetworks, so the global network is not homogenous. This is a limit in spreading of unified services.

The mobile telephone networks are separated systems interconnected with each other and with the PSTN/ISDN world by well defined interfaces in the gateway exchanges. The first generation mobile systems were developed purely for voice communication. However the second generation digital GSM systems were developed to support several teleservices and bearer services.

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