Standardization of networks network equipment

There is a strong, worldwide tendency for description of the networks by their interfaces towards the outer world and not bothering with the devices used for realization of the services provided through the interfaces ("black box"). Of course, the services are considered together with their quality. The Hungarian regulation omitted already at the start the transmission, power supply, network management and cable TV equipment from the set of equipment submitted to an obligatory type approval [8.4.10], but for the switching equipment the licence for commercial circulation and for putting into operation was mandatory. This condition is expected to cease and the Authority is charged for checking the fulfilment of, at least, two requirements: health protection of the users and compliance with the EMC reqirements, in the framework of market surveillance. Although the EU does not have this issue in terms of reference to elaborate harmonized, equipment-specific standards yet, the existing general requirements can be applied here too.

Relating to the user's health protection, there is a Hungarian decree [8.4.11] which makes a set of standards of safety character, e.g. protection against the athmospheric effects, effects of power lines, obligatory. This set of standards should be extended in the future, e.g. by those related to safety of devices using laser radiaton (see Hungarian standard MSZ EN 60825-1:2000), by standards concerning issues of the health protection against the electromagnetic radiation which issue is already dealed with in a Hungarian decree [8.4.12] and so on.

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