What Are Paging Systems

Paging is a one-way radio alerting system. The direction of transmission is from a fixed paging transmitter to an individual. It is a simple extension of the PSTN. Certainly paging can be classified as one of the first PCS (personal communication system) operations. The paging receiver is a small box, usually carried on a person's belt. As a minimum, a pager alerts the user that someone wishes to reach him/her by telephone. The person so alerted goes to the nearest telephone and calls a prescribed number. Some pagers have a digital readout that provides the calling number; whereas others give the number and a short message.

Most paging systems now operate in the VHF and UHF bands with a 3-kHz bandwidth. Transmitters have 1 -5-watt output and paging receivers have sensitivities in the range of 10-100 fV/m (Ref. 15).

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