PABX Private automatic branch exchange

PACS Personal Access Communication System

PAL Phase alternation line, one of two European color TV standards, the other being SECAM

PBS Paging base station

PCM Pulse code moculation

PCS Personal communication service or personal communication system

PES Personal earth station

PDH Plesiochronous digital hierarchy (vis-a-vis SDH)

PF Peaking or peak factor

PHEMT Pseudomorphic high electron mobility (LNA)

PHS Personal handy phone system (Japan)

PLL Phase-lock loop

PM Phase modulation

POCSAG Post Office Code Standardization Advisory

Group (a paging standard)

POTS ''Plain old telephone service''

PRB Primary reference burst

PRBS Pseudorandom binary sequence

PRV Partial response violation

PSK Phase-shift keying

PSTN Public switched telecommunication network pW, pWp Picowatts, picowatts psophometrically weighted

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