Nlr Nmp

ns or nsec NTSC NVI, NVIS

Meteor burst communication(s) Megabits per second Multiple exposure allowance Medium earth orbit

Merchant marine broadcast (under auspices of

U.S. Navy) Mobile earth station Medium frequency (300-3000 kHz) Megahertz

Multilevel coded modulation Maximum-likelihood sequence estimation Multipulse excitation Multilevel PSK or M-ary PSK Multilevel quadrature amplitude modulation

(e.g., 256-QAM) Mobile switching center Mean sea level Mean time between failures Mobile telephone switching office Mean time to repair Maximum usable frequency Milliwatt Microwave

Negative acknowledgment Narrowband advanced mobile telephone system National Aeronautics and Space Administration (U.S.)

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

National Bureau of Standards (now called NIST)

Thermal noise-to-carrier ratio

Noise figure

Net filter discrimination

Northern geographical pole

National Institutes of Standards and Technology

(U.S.) Noise load ratio Northern magnetic pole Non-return-to-zero (a family of baseband waveforms) Nanosecond

National Television Systems Committee (U.S.) Near-vertical incidence, near-vertical incidence skywave

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