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The appealing business concept with the Internet is that no fixed facilities are required to open a business. Bricks and mortar are not needed to open shop. Further, a Web page can be very impressive, making a business appear more substantial to the Internet customer. The Internet is one of the most cost-effective ways to deliver information. It certainly is cheaper than printing stacks of brochures and paper (the Internet customer prints them for you). However, if you are selling products on the Internet, don't those products have to be manufactured, inventoried, delivered, invoiced, and supported? The behind-the-scenes Internet business functions require bricks and mortar facilities for manufacturing, inventories, etc. The major benefit is that one relatively small bricks and mortar facility can service a planet-wide Internet business. This might make an Internet-based business a better mousetrap than a bricks and mortar business.

However, you might build the best Internet business and have no one come to your store. Having a clever and spectacular Web site does not generate sales by itself. Being listed in lots of Internet search engines does not guarantee customers will be directed to your Internet store Web site. Becoming a link exchange ( member is not necessarily a solution to generating high Web site traffic and Internet sales. The real key to Internet success is becoming a viable business first and then an Internet business second. While it is possible to be an Internet business first, there must be a business before it can be an Internet business. If information services are alone provided, they must be researched, published, and tested before an Internet business can be created.

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