PBXs typically embody the following features, many of which can be invoked from the telephone keypad:

• Speed dialing: This enables the user to make a call by using an abbreviated number.

• Message waiting: This enables the user to signal to an unattended phone that a call has been placed to it.

• Last number redial: This enables the user to repeat a previously dialed number by means of a single button.

• Camp-on: This enables the user to wait for a busy line to become idle. When this happens, a ring signal notifies both parties (caller and callee) that a connection has been made.

• Call waiting: By means of a special tone, a (busy) user is informed that another call has come through.

• Call hold: This enables the user to put the first party on hold so that an incoming call can be answered.

• Call forwarding: This enables a station to forward incoming calls to another station in a situation where it is busy or unattended.

• Add-on conference: This enables the user to make another connection while already having a call in progress.

• Call pickup: Enables incoming calls to unattended stations to be picked up by another station on the same trunk group.

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