Direct vs indirect delivery

When the source host prepares to send a message to another host, a fundamental decision has to be made, namely: is the destination host also resident on the local network or not? If the NetID portions of the source and destination IP addresses match, the source host will assume that the destination host is resident on the same network, and will attempt to forward it locally using the hardware (Mac) address. This is called direct delivery. If not, the message will be forwarded to the default gateway (a router on the local network), which will forward it using the Mac address. This is called indirect delivery. If the router can deliver it directly i.e. the destination host resides on a network directly connected to the router, it will. If not, it will consult its routing tables and forward it to the next appropriate router. This process will repeat itself until the packet is delivered to its final destination (Figure 9.8).

Figure 9.8

Direct vs indirect delivery

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    What is direct and indirect delivery?
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