This book is a joint effort, and the editors would like to thank all of our co-authors, Rolf Blom, Gonzalo Camarillo, Yi Cheng, Daniel Enstrom, Per Frojdh, Vesa Lehtovirta, Karl Norrman, Goran Schultz, and Krister Svanbro, for their hard work.

The idea for writing this book was conceived while most of the editors were working at Ericsson Research. The editors would like to thank the personnel and management of Ericsson Research for providing exciting research topics to work on as well as the possibility to spend a small part of our working time actually preparing the book. Shyam Chakraborty wishes to thank Raimo Vuopionpera and Johan Torsner of Nomadic Lab, Ericsson Finland, for picking up the potential of this book at the first glance and providing the necessary support. In addition to Ericsson Research, Janne Peisa would like to thank the Mobile Media Gateway unit of Design Unit Core Network Evolution, which has fostered an atmosphere of innovativeness and research even as part of their normal design process. The support of Raul Soderstrom, Ari Jouppila and Johan Fagerstrom has been vital for the success of this book.

We would like to express our gratitude to Anders Nohlgren, Martin Korling, Sara Mazur, Hans Hermansson, Mats Nordberg, Hakan Olofsson, Lars Bergenlid, Krister Svanbro, Lotta Voigt, Stefan Hakansson, Fredrik Jansson and Torbjorn Einarsson for reading the manuscript and providing valuable comments.

We would also like to thank all our colleagues, with whom we have had many insightful discussions. We would especially like to thank Rickard Sjoberg, Marten Ericson, Stefan Wanstedt and Stefan Wager, who have kindly allowed us to use their data as part of our performance evaluation chapter.

Last we would like to thank our families, for whom the process of writing the book has surely been stressful, for their support. Janne Peisa would like to thank Duyen and Duy. Per Synnergren would like to thank his children Johan and Rebecka for just being part of his life. Kids, this book was written during an extremely stressful period for us all, but for whatever it is worth I'll always love you! Shyam Chakraborty embraces Milan and Vikram for providing constant trouble and Joanna for providing boundless joy. Tomas Frankkila would like to thank Lars, Tyra and Kristina for their patience during this very busy period.

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