Telecommunication Service Conclusion

The watermarking benchmark proposed here can be implemented for the automated evaluation of different watermarking schemes. In fact, this idea has been included in test design, and has motivated some key decisions, such as the use of a computational model of the ear instead of a formal listening test. Moreover, the establishment of an automated test for watermarking systems is an industry need, as tird-party evaluation of watermarking schemes seems to be the only objective solution to the problem transparent evaluation (Petitcolas, 2000).

As a conclusion, the industry needs to establish a trusted evaluation authority in order to objectively evaluate its watermarking products.

The establishment of watermark certification programs has been proposed, and projects such as the Certimark and StirMark benchmarks are under development (Certimark, 2001; Kutter & Petitcolas, 2000; Pereira et al., 2001; Petitcolas et al., 2001). However, these programs seem to be aimed mainly at testing of image watermarking systems (Meerwald & Pereira, 2002). A similar initiative for audio watermark testing has yet to be proposed.

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