SPIRITS (Services in the PSTN Requesting Internet Services) is an IETF architecture and an associated protocol that enables call processing elements in the telephone network to make service requests that are then processed on Internet hosted servers. The term Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is used here to include the wireline circuit-switched network, as well as the wireless circuit-switched network.

The earlier IETF work on the PSTN/Internet Interworking (PINT) resulted in the protocol (RFC 2848) in support of the services initiated in the reverse direction — from the Internet to PSTN.

This document has been written in response to the SPIRITS WG chairs call for SPIRITS Protocol proposals. Among other contributions, this document is based on:

■ Informational "Pre-SPIRITS implementations" [10]

■ Informational "The SPIRITS Architecture" [1]

■ Informational "SPIRITS Protocol Requirements" [4]

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