Toward Converged Network Services

Vijay K. Gurbani Xian-He Sun

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Active and Programmable Networks for Adaptive Architectures and Services

Syed Asad Hussain ISBN: 0-8493-8214-9

Business Strategies for the Next-Generation Network

Nigel Seel

ISBN: 0-8493-8035-9

Chaos Applications in Telecommunications

Peter Stavroulakis ISBN: 0-8493-3832-8

Context-Aware Pervasive Systems: Architectures for a New Breed of Applications

Seng Loke

ISBN: 0-8493-7255-0

Fundamentals of DSL Technology

Philip Golden, Herve Dedieu, Krista S Jacobsen ISBN: 0-8493-1913-7

IP Multimedia Subsystem: Service Infrastructure to Converge NGN, 3G and the Internet

Rebecca Copeland ISBN: 0-8493-9250-0

Mobile Middleware

Paolo Bellavista and Antonio Corradi ISBN: 0-8493-3833-6

MPLS for Metropolitan Area Networks

Nam-Kee Tan ISBN: 0-8493-2212-X

Network Security Technologies, Second Edition

Kwok T Fung ISBN: 0-8493-3027-0

Performance Modeling and Analysis of Bluetooth Networks: Polling, Scheduling, and Traffic Control

Jelena Misic and Vojislav B Misic ISBN: 0-8493-3157-9

Performance Optimization of Digital Communications Systems

Vladimir Mitlin ISBN: 0-8493-6896-0

A Practical Guide to Content Delivery Networks

Gilbert Held ISBN: 0-8493-3649-X

Resource, Mobility and Security Management in Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications

Yan Zhang, Honglin Hu, and Masayuki Fujise ISBN: 0-8493-8036-7

Service-Oriented Architectures in Telecommunications

Vijay K Gurbani, Xian-He Sun ISBN: 0-8493-9567-4

TCP Performance over UMTS-HSDPA Systems

Mohamad Assaad and Djamal Zeghlache ISBN: 0-8493-6838-3

Testing Integrated QoS of VoIP: Packets to Perceptual Voice Quality

Vlatko Lipovac ISBN: 0-8493-3521-3

Traffic Management in IP-Based Communications

Trinh Anh Tuan ISBN: 0-8493-9577-1

Understanding Broadband over Power Line

Gilbert Held ISBN: 0-8493-9846-0

WiMAX: A Wireless Technology Revolution

G.S.V. Radha Krishna Rao, G. Radhamani ISBN: 0-8493-7059-0

WiMAX: Taking Wireless to the MAX

Deepak Pareek ISBN: 0-8493-7186-4

Wireless Mesh Networks

Gilbert Held ISBN: 0-8493-2960-4

Wireless Security Handbook

Aaron E Earle ISBN: 0-8493-3378-4


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