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The writer presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this manual are precise.

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Organizational Culture

The organizational culture has always been very entrepreneurial but with the growth plan some organizational structures are becoming more defined and formalized. Nevertheless, Waleli continues to portray a hip and trendy image. Siete identifies people as being Waleli's greatest asset. However, he has learned some lessons in his human relations policy which has resulted in some changes over the lifetime of the firm. Initially, to keep costs low Waleli hired a lot of graduates and interns. It later became clear that this method cost a lot of time and energy bringing these employees up to speed therefore, the focus shifted toward young people with relevant work experience and contacts. Siete strives for a results driven culture based on personal responsibility and enthusiasm. The effort is paying off. Waleli's employees do not need to be entrepreneurs however, they do need to have an entrepreneurial attitude. In some cases, this is stimulated by allocating shares in spin-offs which...

Setting The Stage Problem Setting

Entrepreneurs developing new ventures based on IT opportunities are faced with the traditional problems of starting a venture, namely, gathering scarce resources, acquiring knowledge, establishing a reputation, and attracting suppliers, customers, and partners (Autio, Yli-Renko, & Salonen, 1997 Birley & Cromie, 1988 Brush, Greene, & Hart, 2001 O'Farrell & Hitchens, 1988). In many cases, because ofthe nature of the opportunity, these new ventures are more often operating in international markets. This creates further problems for the starting entrepreneur, as the resources which have to be gathered are sometimes internationally dispersed and they must also prepare both domestic and international sales channels. Further, significant investments must be made to create internationally acceptable goods and service s and the pursuit of international trade requires knowledge of international markets and establishing international networks. The resources involved in these activities are...

Final Comment on Deployment

As the market continues to mature and standards continue to develop, the local providers must preserve their infrastructure. Consumers (small and large alike) are demanding the higher-speed services. As a stepping stone for residential- and home-based businesses, the acceptance and standardization of the G.Lite specification will provide suitable transmission rates until the carriers can complete their data strategies. 1 Mbps modems, for example, giving the end user a 1 Mbps download speed and a lower 160 Kbps upload speed, will suffice for many today and into the next millennium.

Main Focus Of The Article

Two ofthe sources in Table 1 are based on studies of small firms, such as Cragg (2002) and Pollard and Hayne (1998). These studies show that many IT management processes are similar for both large and small firms, but typically small firms have to manage IT with low levels of internal IT expertise. Thus, small firms often rely heavily on external expertise, as highlighted by several researchers (Fink, 1998 Gable, 1996 Thong, Yap, & Raman 1996). For example, many small firms have no person with a formal IT education. Thong et al. (1996) observed that small businesses rely on consultants and vendors in IT project implementation, and IT effectiveness is positively related to the consultant's effectiveness in such firms. Although the IT managerial processes may differ in small firms, it is not proper to infer that small businesses have absolutely no practices in place for managing their IT. For example, Cragg (2002) pro

Hungarian success story

There is, however, a tangible problem if Telecottages fail to abide by the norms of uniform quality assurance, the introduction of the monitoring managerial system as well as the engagement in the network system (electronic commerce, distance work, distance administration, distance learning), the possibility of doing so will soon be lost. A number of those Telecottages which have built upon the notion of civil or budgetary considerations are still behind with the exploitation of the network and entrepreneurial spirit. The time available for overcoming these hurdles is short. Local 'missionaries' are faced with the difficulties of finding the appropriate strategy for the implementation of Telecottages on a local level, which seems to call for a newly devised plan on a settlement-to-settlement, community-to-community basis. In the fifth place, Telecottages can be considered to be hybrid in nature as far as their organisational background is considered. The long-standing practice has it...

Staking Claims to the Orbital

Developing nations have objected to a first-filed, first-protected process. They have advocated an allotment process that would reserve slots for future use, even at the expense of having space fallow that could have productive application for use by operators from another country. The registration process recently has shown signs of strain as the number of proposed registrations increases from both incumbent and newcomer operators. The process cannot easily disqualify fraudulent, unneeded, or speculative claims that have dramatically increased. Incumbent operators do not want to face a shortage of orbital slots that an increased constellation of operational satellites might require. Prospective operators start the registration process well before it becomes apparent that they have the financial resources to operate. Other registrants, like the Kingdom of Tonga, have filed for a large number of slots perhaps with an eye toward creating a private market for auctioning slots. Tonga, an...

Briefly on Telecottages

It should strike one as no surprise that small-size settlements have been among the first ones to embrace the new public services in both developed and developing countries. The informational and telecommunicational infrastructure rides a wide range of possibilities as diverse as correspondence, access to information, counselling and transaction of affairs, as well as employment, business, education, promotion of culture and entertainment. As a matter of fact, it seems that each aspect of life has something to gain from Telecottages. If a small community -proportionally- is only able to allow for the establishment of one such infrastructure, then Telecottages should cater for all the needs. If schools, culture centres, libraries, the regional government, doctors, postal service providers are unable to maintain such infrastructure and if other institutions - ones promoting the development of domestic relations, entrepreneurial aims, banking services -are still lacking in the area of a...

Information Security Issues

The most widely known document on information security is an annual Computer Crime and Security Survey (CCSS), conducted by San Francisco's Computer Security Institute in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (CSI, 2003). It is based on responses from more than 500 professionals representing all types and sizes of organizations, from huge international corporations to small businesses, from nationwide government agencies to small community centres. The message the survey conveys is frightening

Monitoring complex business organizations

We can now track sales by how much., where, and when. The information we still need is what was being sold. For this we will need to create a product Offerings dimension. In the case of ABC Telecommunications International. salespeople are responsible for the sale of a wide variety of different cellular. pager. and PCS phone services to corporations. small businesses. and directly to consumers. The different offerings usually involve the combination of special rates for service combined with promotional items. discounts on phone devices. and other incentives. ABC Telecommunications actually offers more that 40 different programs. all of which the sales reps can provide to their customers. Our Offerings dimension will therefore include breakdowns by service line (cellular. PCS. paging). package type (corporate. homeowner. college student. high volume. special. and other market segments) and different specific pro

Internationalization Challenge

The current challenges include going international with the 21Switch product. Waleli has already made contact with, among others, Deutsche Telecom, British Telecom, and Telia (Sweden), and these contacts are close to fruition. To help with international efforts, Waleli has entered into an arrangement with Lawrence Masle. Lawrence Masle is an American with a very strong corporate track record he was vice president of Corporate Communication and Business Development with Ericsson in Sweden. He then went to London to set up an Ericsson office there and following this he went to work for Philips in the Netherlands. Lawrence is currently self employed and teaches MBA classes at a university in Belgium.

Box 43 Mobile creates businesses jobs and government revenues Grameen Phone

Has allowed mainly low-income women in rural areas to borrow enough money to buy a handset, a subscription and cover incidental expenses so as to start their own pay phone service. The idea of the VP Program, which is implemented by Grameen Telecom (GTC) in cooperation with Grameen Bank, a micro-credit lending institution is simple Once the women have received training about the technical operations and tariffs, they are set to start up their own business. The average earning of a Village Phone Operator is about BDT 5000 per month, which is more than twice the country's per capita income. GrameenPhone has also had a major macroeconomic impact and created new employment opportunities. In addition to employing over 1'000 people, the company has created more than 100'000jobs, including for dealers, agents, contractors, suppliers, and Village Phone operators. GrameenPhone is also one of Bangladesh's largest private sector investors, as well as one of largest taxpayers in the country. By...

Aligning the value chain and the organization large megacorporation

Let's carry through another example of alignment analysis, this time using one of the geographically based business units of the large telecommunications firm. The company, let's call it Stateside Bell, has been in existence since the earliest days of telephone service, has approximately two million customers, and concentrates on providing consumers and small businesses with local telephone service.

Background History of the Organization

Siete Hamminga, the founding entrepreneur, graduated with a master's degree in industrial engineering and management from the University of Twente in 2001. During his time as a student he ran a one man business, Well-Suited, selling suits to students. He also completed an internship with Unilever in Switzerland and while enjoying the work, this experience reinforced his desire to start his own business. He completed his Master's thesis in Silicon Valley studying the business models of Internet service providers (ISPs). His study period coincided with the collapse of the Internet bubble and his thesis was accordingly entitled Back to Basics. Inspired by his stay in Silicon Valley, he, along with Roel Pieper (former vice president of Philips, current professor of e-business at the University of Twente and chairman of Favonius Ventures, a venture capital firm specializing in funding software start-ups), and Vincent Kou-wenhoven wrote the book Beyond the Hype (see Figure 1). In this book,...

The Search for External Financing

To move the business forward Siete realized that he needed external financing and decided to conduct a share issue. Roel Pieper had previously indicated that he would invest but Siete did not want to solely rely on this contact and instead he made a list and contacted several leading Dutch entrepreneurs who he thought might be interested in investing. Unfortunately, with these solicitations he failed to find any investment however, he did receive a copy of one of the entrepreneur's motivational books and the owner of a chain of record stores sent the following amusing response Dear Siete, I have made an arrangement with the bank that

Digital Subscriber Line

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) technology brings high-speed Internet access to residences and small businesses using existing copper wire telephone lines. xDSL represents all variations of DSL, such as ADSL, HDSL, and RADSL. When a home or small business is within 18,000 feet of a telephone company CO offering DSL service, it may be able to receive data at speeds up to 6.1 Mbps. This can support transmission of motion video, audio, and simulated 3-D images using Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML). More commonly, connections operate at 1.544 Mbps to 512 Kbps downstream and 128 Kbps upstream. A DSL carries data and provides at the same time a regular voice telephone connection. The data connection is continuous, 24 7. DSL installations began in 1998. They are expected to continue at an increased rate over the next decade in the U.S. and elsewhere. DSL is replacing ISDN in many areas and competes with cable modems in bringing voice, multimedia video, and 3-D imaging to residential...

Introduction to Project Management in Telecommunications

Happened because the companies that provided one of these services did not always provide both - either for business reasons or for regulatory reasons. Some projects involve voice services and networks, while others involve data, and still others involve a combination of the two. In addition to voice and data, there are many other services, such as video, or forms of multimedia services. But we cannot even stop here. Many telecom service providers do not provide the carriage of voice, or data etc at all. Many provide other specialized functions that enable the service providers and or the end users to define their own business. These functions can be related to the network (e.g. network management), related to the user's business, (e.g. call centers), can involve providing a specific function of the overall service, (e.g. billing), or can include management of customer interactions in an electronic commerce type of service such as E-Bay.


As all starting new ventures are faced with such problems, we describe the entrepreneurial process of Waleli and illustrate how new ventures based on IT opportunities can overcome this paucity of resources through effective networking activities. The entrepreneurial process is a process driven by the entrepreneur, wherein ideas are recognized, prepared, and exploited leading to value creation (Van der Veen & Wakkee, 2006). Waleli, similar to many other IT ventures, is operating in an internationally competitive market. Specifically, this chapter tells the story of the roles and origins of various network contacts and how these impact the entrepreneur's efforts to accumulate the necessary resources to establish and subsequently grow the firm.

The New Start

On December 9, 2003, the rental contract for the office premises at Keizersgracht 203, the former business premises of Adam Curry (media and podcasting entrepreneur), was signed. Waleli acquired the photo copier machine belonging to Adam Curry in exchange for a GSM-doorbell. They further acquired free desks and chairs through contacts of Daan and Allard and these were immediately resold to acquire capital for new modern office furniture. Waleli were fortunate in that Aquadia, the former ground floor tenants at Keizersgracht had recently gone bankrupt, allowing Siete to cheaply purchase flash desks, chairs, and shelving from this company. The office space was thus brought into the style of Waleli later this was to become known as waleli-ization. The office premises were rented allowing for the potential growth of Waleli but in the meantime this left them with more space than was required. Waleli again saw an opportunity in this situation and decided to sublet the office space to other...


This work was previously published in Cases on Information Technology Entrepreneurship, edited by J. A. Medina-Garrido, S. Martinez-Fierro, and J. Ruiz-Navarro, pp. 148-170, copyright 2008 by IGI Publishing, formerly known as Idea Group Publishing (an imprint of IGI Global).


The early development of radio was entirely dominated by one single man, Marconi. He was a first-class engineer, an expert in public relations and a shrewd entrepreneur. There was nobody before him or after him who possessed such diverse talents. He loved power and money, the company of Kings and Queens, he collected lots of decorations all over Europe and had considerable influence, even in the Vatican. When he made the request, he had fewer difficulties in having his marriage annulled than Henry VIII.

Fcs Crc16

ADSL will play a crucial role over the next ten or more years. Thus the service providers shall enter new markets for delivering information in video and multimedia formats. By bringing movies, television, video catalogs, remote CD-ROMs, Corporate LANs, and the internet into homes and small businesses, ADSL will make these markets viable, and profitable for telephone companies. ADSL modems available with various speed ranges and capabilities.

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